Monday, August 3, 2015

Why it's ok to wear multiple fuzzy pink things at once

TOTAL ASOS LOOK. I wanted to create this fuzzy pink look with a touch of denim. How to you guys like it ? Did I manage to look enough like a cotton candy ?
I had a lot of fun shooting this look with my friend Sophie, she always has great ideas and takes great pictures ! Hope you guys enjoy this look ! Go eat some candy !

UN TOTAT LOOK ASOS. Je voulais faire une tenue 100 % bonbon, avec un peu de denim quand meme. Je pense que je gagne le prix de bloggeuse qui ressemble le plus a de la barbe a papa ! J'ai vraiment adoré shooter ce look avec ma copine Sophie, elle fait des superbes photos et a toujours de bonnes idées ! Enjoy et allez manger des Malabars !

Photos by Sophie Morris
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jumpsuit- ASOS
shoes- ASOS
bag- ASOS
sunnies- ASOS
earrings- DIY
coat- Topshop similar here

Friday, July 31, 2015


The shoes I'm wearing are literally the most amazing shoes I own (among all my other shoes of course). I got them on Nasty Gal, my favorite part is the fringe that moves when you walk.
How can shoes make you so happy, anyone ? I'm also wearing my new prescription glasses from They have really cool frames for dirt cheap and you can find any style you like. I'm going to organize a contest for you guys ! The winner will get a pair sunglasses and they get to chose ! I'll keep you guys posted when this happens !

Les chaussures que je porte sont incroyables non ? Enfin moi je trouve ! Elles viennent de chez Nasty Gal, et quand je marche, les franges bougent ! Les lunettes que je porte sont adaptées a ma vue est viennent de chez On peut trouver toute sorte de lunettes adaptées a notre vue pour un petit prix ! J'organiserai un concours bientôt, la gagnante pourra choisir les lunettes de soleil de son choix !
Photos by Sophie Morris
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jacket- Schott NYC
cowboy hat- vintage similar here
crochet top- CN Direct
shorts- Levi's
bag- Lancaster

Monday, July 27, 2015


Showing you guys that it is actually possible to wear pink from head to toe. I'm wearing this amazing shirt I found at COS, first time purchasing something at that store and I'm really satisfied ! My tutti frutti sunnies are from Emblem Eyewear, and they go perfectly with my outfit, just sayin'. I'm wearing a Lazy Oaf skirt and vintage suede boots.

Pour vous montrer qu'il est possible de porter du rose de la tete au pieds ! Ma chemise vient de chez COS, c'est la 1ere fois que j'achète chez eux et je ne suis pas déçue ! Mes lunettes tutti frutti viennent de chez Emblem Eyewear et elles vont parfaitement avec ma tenue. Je porte une jupe Lazy Oaf et des bottes en daim vintage !
My friend Francois wearing these amazing shades of blue ! His shirt is hand dyed Indigo.

Photos by Sophie Morris
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shirt- COS
skirt- Lazy Oaf
sunnies- Emblem Eyewear
boots- vintage
bag- Lancaster
earrings- DIY
necklace- Candies Gifts

Saturday, July 25, 2015


My friend Sophie and I had matching outfits the other day. We're both wearing vintage ! It's funny how people stare at you in Paris, people are often shocked or say rude comments to you. New York is much more open minded, people come up to you in the streets if they have a question or a comment. In Paris, I always get really mean looks, a lot of people assume I don't speak french so that's even worse because I understand everything. Don't judge people you don't know or understand !!! 

L'autre jour, ma copine Sophie et moi avions des tenues tres similaires ! On ressemblait a 2 mamies ! C'est assez étonnant de voir a quelle point les gens te regardent dans la rue, ca ne m'a jamais vraiment gené mais quand tu te fais insulter plusieurs fois dans la journée c'est assez insupportable ! Le pire c'est que les gens assument que je parle pas français.. A New York, ca n'arrive pas souvent ce genre de choses !
Photos by Sophie Morris
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red onesie- vintage similar here
earrings- DIY
shoes- Topshop
bag- Kesslord
sunnies- zeroUV

Sophie's outfit
shirt- vintage similar here
skirt- vintage similar here

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Moon Stars

Spent the day with my friend Sophie, we walked around the Marais and went shopping it was really fun ! I'm wearing a cute top from CN Direct and my arm bracelet was handmade by my cousin Morgane ! Go check her website out she's amazing !

J'ai passe la journée avec ma pote Sophie, on a fait un peu de shopping dans le Marais et on a marche toute la journée ! Je porte un petit crop top de chez CN Direct et un bracelet sur mon bras fait main par ma cousine Morgane qui fait des choses magnifiques ! Allez faire un tour sur son site !
Photos by Sophie Morris
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top- CN Direct
skirt- H&M
shoes- YRU
sunnies- Emblem Eyewear
hat- vintage similar here
socks- Solestruck
septum ring- VidaKush