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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Come on Barbie Let's go Party.

Hey guys ! Today I met with my best friend Marine and a girl I met at my look contest called Rosa ! She's really nice and has a great style. You can check out her blog. We went to eat at a cool Bistrot near The Bon Marché, then we wondered arround, looked in shops and took pictures :p
My sister Vanessa left to California this morning, I'm not gonna see her until Christmas.. :( I'm kinda sad. I'll miss her a lot !

 Make up store. MAC the best one in the world.

 Le Bon Marché. One of the prettiest stores in Paris. Unfortunatly, it's WAY too expensive.

 Marine, best picture evaaa.



 By the way, I started watching Sex In The City. Second season now, it's pretty awesommmme (and old but I love it). Usually I watch True Blood (my favorite serie ever thanks to my sister) but I have to wait a week between every episode and I'm Dying. I just love it so much !
Sunday, July 24, 2011

2O days.

 -2O days till New York. (I've been counting). Came back from Ibiza yesterday morning. The first thing i said coming off the plane was " Holy Shit what the fuck happened to Summer ?" You guys gotta know, in Europe the weather is shit. Its like november and it sucks. I just wanna go back to Ibiza. The pictures of my contest are up so I took some and posted them :) I saw Harry Potter ! It was freakin awesome haha. Oh and I went to a concert in Ibiza and saw Prem Joshua, an musician that sings in Indian. 
-2O jours a tenir jusqu'à mon départ a NYC ! Je suis rentrée de Ibiza hier et le premier truc que j'ai dis en sortant de l'avion c'était "Putain mais il est passé ou l'été ?" C'est immonde ce temps je comprends pas. On est en novembre ou quoi ? Je veux retourner a IBIZA ! Sinon les photos du concours ont été affichées :) j'ai vu Harry Potter haha c'était trop bien.

 My cousin and her argentique camera in the Old Town of Ibiza.
 My sister and my cousin

 I got so tanned, I look black seriously. But if this stupid rain stays I'm gonna lose it !

 Les Noubas Look du 2 Juillet :) My contest !

 My best friend Marine got some make up on too :)
Videos des Noubas Look :) ps y'a un blog que j'aime beaucoup que j'aimerais partager avec vous :) Elle est super cool et originale Avalon  fabrique ses bijoux et prends des photos coolos. 

A big hug de Amy Winehouse.. who was one of my idols even though she fucked up. She's now part of the 4 others that died at 27. Peace Amy <3