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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene Hurricane.. NO THANK YOU.

Hello Hello From New York City.. A STORM IS HAPPENING. Uncool. I guess it's all over the news.. Hurricane IRENE is here (i don't get it.. why do we always give stupid names to nature events.. stupid). I'm in my dorm with all my friends waiting for it to go. ITS NOT COOL. Anyway these are a few pictures from before this stupid weather. I just hope i'm not gonna die or something ! Apparently the wind is gonna be blowing at 100 miles per hour.. that's like 200km/h.
This is my friend's picture (Douglas) It was taken on the roof of our building a few hours ago. HELLO IRENE.

Hannah and Cody.

This is Coco. I love my Cody. He is the best in the world. His Blog.

 Adam, photography major.

Bailey and Me
 The two funniest people in the world, Austin and Barbara.
 Cody and Lexi.

 Bethaney Cody and Bailey.

Ma maman et Moi :D

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Laundry In The Dorm.

First college random photo shoot at 2:30 am. Photos by Douglas Knapton. I love you guys ! <3
 Me, Kiet and Lexi in the hall way.


 Kiet, Douglas and Lexi.

Hannah sleeping ! :D