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Saturday, October 29, 2011


I got dressed up as a skeleton (more like Rick Genest). It took 2 hours to do the makeup !
Remy and her crazy hair.

 Carson and Me being scary !

 My leggings were made by my friend Taylor. He's a fine arts major.

J'ADORE MES COLLANTS ILS SONT TROP BEAU <3 Je suis vraiment triste.. paris me manque beaucoup en ce moment. Il a commencé a neigé aujourd'hui en mode " NEIGE". C'etait fou. On est le 29 octobre et y'avait genre 5 cm de neige ! FOU !
Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall days.

 These pictures we're taken near the Hudson River by Arturo Olmos. This was an awesome day, he's a great photographer and it was really fun posing for him. I designed Menswear for my Fashion Survey class it was really fun, one of my art pieces is gonna be held up for the display i'm so happy :D I took some pictures of my friend Remy, she actually has curly hair but I brushed it and put some make up on her she looks amazing. Hope all is well for you guys :D

 This is my friend Brian that was with me when we were posing for Arturo.


 I love her hair it's amazing.

 Remy, Taylor And Carsyn in Manhattan.


 Williamsburg in brooklyn going thrift shopping !

 North Street In Williamsburg Brooklyn.
 BROOKLYN PICTURES ! :D  Je suis contente ici mais Paris me manques beaucoup, la nourriture, la beauté de la ville ca me manques beaucoup. Les gens ici sont pas tres gracieux, ils sont degeulasse. Le semestre prochain je change de colocataire parce que moi et ma coloc on s'entends pas bien du tout. C'est terrible ! Enfin bon c'est la vie hein.. y'a rien a faire a par changer. La vie est belle sinon !