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Sunday, October 2, 2011


 October. It's cold and the colour this month is orange yellow and brown. I'm a real pratt student now, I feel like one and I feel like I've been living here for ever. I've had a couple photo shoots but they are on film so I have to scan them, I'll do that when I get the pictures :D The laser pictures were done in a dorm and they are really wierd and cool, I like them. I have a lot of random pictures so don't judge me ! 

 I got to see Phantogram. THEY ARE SO COOL. Youtube right here.

 This is actually ONE beer bottle.

MY NEW SHOES. Doc martens that are so beautiful I die every time i wear them.



  1. Putain, c'est Brooklyn ? Elles sont superbes tes photos laser !

  2. Ta tenue avec le noeud pap', les docs est superbe !!! J'adore !!

  3. Han tu vas fĂȘtez un vrai Halloween BITCH !!

  4. I love your style! You look sick!;p

  5. J'adore ces photos, tu as vraiment beaucoup de charme. Je sens que je vais devenir membre..


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