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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Look of the day ! Christophe Thomas.

Hey guys ! I decided to change a bit, and interview my friend Christophe. He'll be the look of today ! 
He's a 19 year old parisan studying cinema in Paris, he loves english tv series (guess where his style comes from.. england duuuh). His inspirations are many english/british icons. Misfits and This Is England are his two big tv shows of the moment.  A very simple style today, but a big ass punk touch ! Christophe is actually very very tall. He is 1.90m (6.2ft) which makes you feel very very small once you talk to him, has two piercings, and 2 tattoos.

Hey ! Aujourd'hui j'ai décidé de changer un peu et d'interviewer mon pote Christophe. Se sera lui le look du jour ! Christophe est un parisien de 19 ans en fac de cinéma a Paris. Ses inspirations viennent généralement de la culture anglaise ! Surtout des series Misfits et This Is England (ses 2 series préférées du moment). Un look trés simple mais avec une grosse touche de Punk ca on peut le dire !
On pourrait croire que c'est photoshop qui donne cet effet mais non, il mesure en effet 1.90m. (oui c'est mega hypra grand.) On se sent tres petit quand on parle avec lui ! Il a aussi 2 piercings et 2 tattoos.

 Christophe's Outfit:
black hat: Zara
blue denim jeans: H&M
grey shirt: Zara
doc martens: Hippy Market 40€
the bag is actually mine but i thought it would look nice with his outfit, he was missing something so the army bag did the job !
The next interview with my next "look of the day" will be very soon!
Tomorrow new pictures on a rooftop !xx
Friday, June 29, 2012

"I started rollin' down the lost highway"

-So I got many questions from a few followers already. I think I'll make the video once I'm in Ibiza (because it's really nice and sunny and pretty hehehe). I'm probably gonna bring my tripod to keep the posts goin' on. Can't wait for Ibizaaaa ! I also decided with my friend Rosa that we could start doing fashion videos ? What do you guys think, basically you just show what you're wearing and comment on it (very useful of course but then, is this blog really useful ? YES ;) Today I'm wearing BLACK. Because i enjoy black, it makes everything fun and sexy.. and goth ♪♬.
-Alors j'ai eu pas mal de questions déjà par quelques lecteurs, je pense que je ferais la vidéo une fois que je suis a Ibiza parce qu'il fera beauuu, y'aura du soleeeilll.. enfin bon on fera ! J'ai hate d'aller au soleil ! Je pense que je prendrais mon pieds a camera avec moi pour continuer mes posts ! Bref sinon avec Rosa on a eu l'idée de faire des videos de look, en gros tu commentes ce que tu portes dans une petite video. (pas vraiment utile mais bon, ce blog est t'il vraiment utile apres tout ? OUI !) Aujourd'hui je porte du NOIR, parce que j'adore le noir, ca rend tout fun et sexy... et gotique ♪♬

Long sleeve tee: Zara
Jersey skirt: Divided
Scarf/Foulard: Salon de l'Emmaüs 2€
Shoes: Demonia Creepers
Purse: My grandma's
 Triange Necklace: Beacon's closet 
Spike Necklace: H&M
Wednesday, June 27, 2012

'Cause the times are a-changin'.

As you can see, Bob Dylan's been playing on my ipod a lot these past few days. I'm leaving for Ibiza in 5 days, i'll get to tannnnn ! It'll be nice. I hope i'll be able to post a few pictures ! Ibiza is really a beautiful place. Anyway, the shirt I'm wearing (again) is stuck to my body I just can't take it off. I'm just looking forward to go back to New York ! I miss Brooklyn so much. Désolé Paris !

WARNING !Je fais appel a tous mes lecteurs ! Je voudrais faire une vidéo a mes lecteurs en répondant a leurs questions. Donc faites moi parvenir vos questions si vous en avez ! Ca peut être sur tout ce que vous voulez ! mode, vie perso, look, beauté, etudes. ♥ Merci !

Guys ! I'm preparing a video to answer all of my followers questions. Please ask me any question you want, I need as many as you can. It can be on whatever you want, make up, personal life, fashion, studies... ♥ I'll post the video as soon as I have everything ready.

Sweater: Thrifted
Shirt: Hippy Market
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Necklaces: H&M
Black purse: my grand mother's
photo credit : Rosa Pel 

chemise blanche/studd white shirtt: H&M
pull noir/black sweater: H&M
short en jeans/denim short: Levi's
chaussures compensées/wedges black shoes: Miss KG
Sunday, June 24, 2012

I met this dude called "WIFI", there's a great "connection" between us.

This guy just randomly came up to me and said " Hey, can I have a picture too ?" Sure why not ! 
This is Ervyn, the stranger from Danmark who's a musician and who wanted his picture taken with me ! He was really cool, I love meeting people in the streets it's always interesting. 
This afternoon, I'm heading over to the Salon de L'Emmaüs at Portes de Versailles, big ass place with used cloths, objects, furniture, jewelry etc. If you have a moment go check it out !
Miranda: Tee: F2 Shorts: Burton Veste: Topshop Shoes: Demonia Sac: Vintage   
Rosa: Denim jacket: Levi's Boots: Vagabond Chanel Tee: Flea Market
Rosa and I decided to test the pictures in a supermarket, it actually looks rad.                  
Check out Rosa's Blog ! It's great :) here

Friday, June 22, 2012


Next year, I really really want to drive across the Us and do a road trip. I should of done that this year. it's a shame i haven't thought about it earlier, but it's on the top of my "to-do list". Imagine all the cool stuff you could find in warehouses down in California. Oh Man. Can't wait. The look of today is really put together in a second. Now that I look at it, I look very "punkish" ;)
t-shirt: DIY
skirt: American Apparel
boots: Doc Martens
bag: Zara
cross earrings: Topshop
Thursday, June 21, 2012

"If I was a dude, I would masturbate for 12 hours straight".

The boots I'm wearing were found at a yard sale for nothing more than 5€. They are 100% leather and the girl who sold them to me bought them for 180€. Niiiice. I went to the Robert Crumb exhibition. It was pretty pornographic and really vulgar. I kinda got sick of it after a while.
dress and earrings: topshop
bra: H&M
boots: Yard Sale for 5€
jacket: nastygal
photo prise par Meret 
Yep... that was the exhibit, but imagine 10 times worse. Kinda hard to be a girl sometimes ain't it.