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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Neon Dots

Hey guys ! So I just finished moving into my new apartment. I can finally focus on my blog. I promise you guys many posts to come ! I also want to show you my new room, so I'll dedicate a post to that later.Today i'm wearing my friend Cassandra's dress from Nasty Gal, it's super cute and I love it. It's been really ugly weather lately so I hope to get better pictures. xx

Yo! Je viens de finir d'emménager dans mon nouvel appartement, donc je peux enfin me concentrer un peu plus sur le blog ! Je vous montrerai ma chambre bientôt. Aujourd'hui je porte une robe de ma copine Cassandra qui vient de chez Nasty Gal que je trouve super mignonne. xx
I'm wearing a nastygal dress borrowed from my lovely roommate Cass, a salvation army hat and sleeveless jacket, a camo jacket from Beacon's Closet, h&m jewelry, and Dr Martens shoes 


Thank you ♡