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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Friday The 13th

Union square is a great place. Especially when it's market day, you can get fresh organic produce and they are so yummy. You can also get plants for super cheap ! I've been slowly decorating my apartment, so furniture is my number one obsession right now. I love changing things around, weather it's about clothes, hair or furniture, I always believed that change is healthy. It's human ! I'm wearing a super cool snapback that was given to me by Dope Couture, have you guys noticed it's a print of a bill ! xx

Me voici a Union Square, un endroit super sympa pour se balader ! Surtout les jours ou y'a le marché, ça me rappelle Paris le samedi matin. Depuis que j'ai mon nouvel appartement, j'ai des envies de changements, et de décorer de plus en plus. Je vous ferrais surement une video pour vous montrer mon chez moi. Aujourd'hui je porte une casquette qui m'a été offerte par Dope Couture. (avez vous remarquez l'imprimé ?) xx
Photos by Cassandra Fountaine
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denim acid washed jeans- c/o Gypsy Warrior
5 panel snapback- c/o Dope
sunglasses- Urban Outfitters
gold chain- Asos


  1. Love your cap and backpack Miranda! Looking great as always xx

  2. Il me faut le même jean ! Il est parfait !

  3. Amazing style !
    J'adore ton top ! :)

  4. god, i just love you so much, dude. you're the bomb.

  5. Cool! Your style is my favorite.

  6. I am really enjoying reading your well written articles. It looks like you spend a lot of effort and time on your blog


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