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Saturday, October 26, 2013


I've always wanted to own an outfit that matched. Like a suit. When I saw this top on Nasty Gal, I wasn't sure how I felt about it. Cheetah print can be absolutely hideous or kinda cool and I really wanted to try it. So I bought the skirt as well, they were both on sale ! I actually really like it and can't wait to style it in different ways ! It was also freezing in New York today so I had to wear my fur coat :p

Une tenue qui pète aujourd'hui ! J'ai trouvé ce haut et cette jupe en solde sur Nasty Gal et j'avais vraiment envie d'essayer cet imprimé. J'ai donc décidé de prendre les deux ! Qu'en pensez vous ? Pour ou contre ? xx
Photos by Alex Kuchta
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skirt- Nasty Gal
top- Nasty Gal
studded sneakers- HOMG Jeffrey Campbell
fur coat- vintage but similar here
snapback- Civil Clothing
neon yellow bag- c/o Femmex but similar here
gold chain- Asos
O'Malley sunnies- c/o American Deadstock
Friday, October 25, 2013

Meanwhile in Chinatown

Chinatown is a crazy place as you all know. I always pass through it when I'm on Canal Street but never actually went in it. The other day, my friend Stephen invited me for vegan dumplings and grocery shopping. I would advise you all fellow New Yorkers to never shop for food anywhere else then Chinatown ! So cheap, so good, so much stuff to see ! It's like a different country seriously. To talk more about my outfit, this dress was sent to me by Choies a while ago but my package just showed up two days ago (got lost somewhere.) So here I am finally wearing it ! I love the collar it's so cute. I also decided to take a few pictures of Stephen because you cannot miss out on his style. xx

Le quartier chinois de New York c'est carrément un pays différent. Y'a tellement de choses a voir, de gens a entendre et de trucs a manger ! Mon ami Stephen m'a invitée a aller manger et faire les courses la bas. C'est un des meilleurs endroit pour faire les courses ! Si un jour, vous venez a New York faites un tour a Chinatown ! Pour parler un peu de ma tenue, je porte un robe Choies. J'adore le petit col en laine ! Voici aussi quelques photos de Stephen, on peut le rater dans la rue ! xx
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dress- c/o Choies
rabbit fur coat- vintage but similar here
flower crown- DIY from my etsy shop
buckle shoes- Aggy Strap Dr Martens
gold chain- Asos
red lipstick- Mac Russian Red

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Run Rabbit Run

Fall is here and it's coat season ! I'm so excited about wearing layers because that means you get to wear MORE STUFF. I went to Beacon's Closet this week end to sell some clothes and found this amazing rabbit fur coat that fit me like a clove so it's mine now ! I decided to still it with a pair of jeans and a Unif shirt ! Alex had a cool outfit on so I had to take pictures and show you guys. The shirt and hat he is wearing was sent to him by Motivation Boutique. They sell so many cool shirts and hats you need to check out their website ! He's wearing a beautiful leather belt handcrafted and made in Usa by Red Cloud Collective. They sent me a phone case and I have to show you it's so nice ! They have a lot of amazing leather pieces on their website take a look! xx

L'automne est la et j'ai tellement hâte ! On peut enfin porter nos vestes et manteaux ! Pour l'occasion je vous montre ma nouvelle acquisition, un manteau en fourrure que j'ai trouvé en fripes ce week end. Il me va comme un gant et il me le fallait ! J'ai décidé de le porter avec des jeans et ma chemise Unif. Alex porte un tee shirt et une casquette Motivation Boutique, une e-shop qui vend pleins de trucs super cool ! Perso je vais lui voler sa casquette. Il porte aussi une ceinture made in Usa de la marque Red Cloud Collective. Ils ont des pieces en cuires absolument superbes donc aller faire un tour sur leur site ! xx 
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fur coat- vintage but similar here
american flag shirt- UNIF
acid wash jeans- c/o Gyspy Warrior
black hat- vintage but similar here
black sunnies- c/o zeroUV
buckle boots- Aggy Strap Dr Martens
gold necklaces- Asos
camo cap- c/o Motivation Boutique
raw denim pants- April 77
black leather belt- c/o Red Cloud Collective
sneakers- Vans similar here
bicycle- c/o Single Bikes
Saturday, October 19, 2013


I just love roof tops. These pictures were taken on top of the salvation army roof top in Brooklyn and it was a beautiful day so it made the pictures even better. This tee shirt was sent to me by Moss Clothing and I'm so in love with it. I've been wearing it so much (you've probably seen me wearing it on my instagram!). I'm also planning to post more articles about my work because a lot of you guys wanted to see more, it's just very risky sometimes because you don't want people to steal your ideas ! xx

J'adore monter sur les toits (surtout a Paris.) La vue est toujours spectaculaire a Brooklyn parce qu'on peut voir Manhattan ! Aujourd'hui je porte un tee shirt Moss Clothing. Je l'adore tellement (si vous me suivez sur instagram alors vous êtes au courant !). Beaucoup de mes lecteurs m'ont demandé cet été de faire plus d'articles avec mes créations donc je prévois de faire ça ! xx
Photos by Alex Kuchta
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tee shirt- c/o Moss Clothing
camo jeans- Zara but similar here
white beanie- American Apparel
angel wing sunnies- c/o ZeroUV
f*** off phone case- c/o Candies Gift
gold chain- Asos
red lipstick- MAC Russian Red
Sunday, October 13, 2013

Paisley Lover

A funny story happened to me today. I'm at the grocery store to buy deodorant (yes that's right.) While waiting in line to pay, a very stylish guy asks me my name. After responding "why?" He tells me that he recognizes my sunglasses and tells me he's pretty sure he sponsors my blog ! I actually met the owner of American Deadstock at the grocery store in Brooklyn today ! How funny is that. If you haven't yet checked out their store please click here ! To focus more on my outfit, I'm wearing hat and dress shirt from Mishka NYC and the jeans are from the Williamsburg Garment Company, a super cool denim brand. I went to pick out a pair last week end and met the owner (he's awesome!). I chose these ones called Bedford Ave ! (all the jeans are named after streets in Williamsburg). Click on Williamsburg Garment Company to shop the store !

En allant au supermarché aujourd'hui j'ai rencontré un des créateurs de la marque American Deadstock. Il m'a reconnu a la caisse parce que je portais une paire de lunettes qu'il m'avait envoyé. Le monde est petit ! Aujourd'hui je porte un bonnet et une chemise Mishka NYC et un jean de la boutique The Williamsburg Garment Company  J'ai eu le droit de choisir une paire de jeans, j'ai donc choisi cette paire "Bedford Ave" ! Tous les jeans ont été nommés d'apres les rues de Williamsburg a Brooklyn. Aller faire un tour ici !
Photos by Alex Kuchta
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beanie- Mishka
shirt- Mishka
jeans- WGC
sneakers- Nike Air Max
O'Malley sunglasses- American Deadstock
gold chain- Asos
purple lipstick- Mac