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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fruit Punch

I've been trying new things lately, like wearing less eye make up, styling my hair differently etc.. I'm loving the turban lately. It's super comfy and easy to wear if you don't feel like styling your hair. I have to admit I do look very middle eastern :p The tee shirt I'm wearing is from a french brand based in Paris called Duchesse. They have cool tee shirts, you should go check it out ! xx

Je teste beaucoup de nouvelles choses en ce moment, comme porter moins de maquillage, ou de changer de style de cheveux. Il y'a quelques jours, j'ai découvert les turbans. C'est super pratique quand on a pas envie de se coiffer le matin ! Je porte un tee shirt Duchesse, une e shop basée a Paris. Ils ont pleins de tee shirts super cool, allez faire un tour sur leur site ! xx
Photos by Alex Kuchta
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tee shirt- c/o Duchesse
turban- hand dyed cotton but similar here
kimono- vintage but similar here
necklace- c/o Rings and Tings
lipstick- Mac Russian Red
Thursday, March 27, 2014

A memory from my childhood.

Here are a few photos of my recent project for school, we had to make an outfit with 98% cotton. By focusing on myself for this project, I based my entire collection on my childhood experience. This memory is always colorful and happy in my mind and I still today refer to myself as an 8-year-old girl. By looking through some childhood pictures, I noticed that my clothes used to have a lot of patches on them. I decided to draw inspiration from patch working and quilting often used in children’s clothing for renforcement or simply for design. Patches evoke many things such as a kid falling over and tearing his clothes, boy scouts achieving something new, a band patch sewn on to a tee shirt or your favorite cartoon character on a patch. All these things represent key aspects of my childhood but also childhood that many people ca relate too. Using silhouette, concept, material and the techniques inherent in patch making I will explore the traits I posed as a child including: imagination, playfulness, anger, innocence, safety, happiness, stubbornness, loudness and the longing to be noticed.  This project is part of a competition, and I got selected to be part of the 9 finalists ! In 3 weeks, 3 students will be picked. 1st place gets, 5000$ and 10.000$ for your senior thesis, 2nd place gets 3000$ and 3rd place gets 2000$. I'm very nervous, this is the first time I get picked for something ! I'll let you guys know what happen's ! xx

Photos by Alex Kuchta
Coat, dress, flower crown and necklace are handmade, jeans are from BDG and shoes from Topshop.
Friday, March 21, 2014

Baby You Can Drive My Car

Sorry for wearing the same jacket and shoes for the last couple of posts it's just they go so well together and I don't like changing outfits just for a blog. I like to show you guys what I wear in real life ! Promise once I'm back in Brooklyn, I'll wear something different but for now, you're just going to have to stick with this ! :D (I loved doing these photos, it was so much fun !)

Mille excuses, je porte la même veste et les même chaussures dans les 3 derniers posts mais j'aime pas changer de tenue pour un blog, je vous montre toujours ce que je porte en vrai, dans la vrai vie ! (enfin bon je me comprends). Promis, dés que je rentre a Brooklyn, je vous montre du "new"! xx (J'ai adoré faire cette série de photo, c'était super fun!)
Photos by Alex Kuchta
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jacket- Nasty Gal
bomber- vintage but similar here
jeans- BDG
sandals- Dr Martens
sunnies- c/o Zerouv
blue button up shirt- vintage but similar here
earrings- Buffalo Exchange but similar here
chocker- Topshop
Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It's All About The Socks

I've been wanting a wicker chair for so long but they were all too expensive on the internet and I would never find any in antique stores. It's only when I go back to New Jersey that I found these things! This chair cost me 24$ and is in perfect condition. I'm wearing my sandals with socks today, because I wanted to show you guys how cool it looks. These camo socks were found in the little boys section at Calzedonia, so if you have little feet like me, don't miss out the kids section when you're shopping! xx

Ca faisait un moment que je cherchais une chaise en osier pour mon appartement mais le prix était toujours trop élevé sur internet. Je l'ai finalement trouvée pour 24$ dans un magasin d'antiquité dans le NJ ! J'ai fait quelques photos de ma tenue, je porte mes sandales avec des chaussettes cette fois ci pour vous montrer ce que ca donne. Si vous avez des petits pieds comme moi, vous pouvez toujours aller faire un tour dans la section KIDS des magasins c'est 1/2 moins cher ! xx
Photos by Alex Kuchta
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beanie- c/o DBDNS
eye ball tee shirt- c/o Mishka
mesh tee shirt- vintage but similar here
jeans- Les Envahisseurs but similar here
socks- Calzedonia but similar here
varsity shirt- vintage but similar here
Monday, March 17, 2014

Demon Days

I present to you my new shoe family member, the Clarissa Dr Martens. I've wanted these since last summer and finally got them  few days ago. They are awesome and make my feet very happy. The best part is if you are like me and can't wait for summer, you can just wear them with socks ! That's what I've been doing for the last couple days because the weather keeps changing. Leaving for New Jersey in 2 hours, hope you guys had a nice week end ! xx

Je vous présente ma nouvelle paire de chaussures, les Clarissa de chez Dr Martens. Ca fait un an que je bave dessus, j'ai donc finalement décidé de me les prendre la semaine dernière. Mes pieds sont très contents ca je peux vous le dire ! Si vous êtes comme moi et vous ne pouvez pas attendre l'été, il faut simplement les porter avec des chaussettes et hop le tour est joué! Je pars pour le New Jersey dans quelques heures donc je vous fais des bisous ! xx
Photos by Cassandra Fountaine
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fur jacket- UO but similar here
moto jacket- Nasty Gal
camo jeans- Zara but similar here
sunnies- Zerouv
gold chain- Topshop
backpack- vintage but similar here
Saturday, March 15, 2014

Dream But Do Not Sleep

A "worker's" type of look for today's post. I've had this checkered shirt for a while but I don't wear it that much. It's a really well made shirt from Woolrich. I'm finally on spring break so no more waking up early and sitting in class for a couple days ! I do however have a lot of work to do, can't wait to show you guys my project ! I've been posting a lot on my instagram if you guys don't follow me. I'll be heading to NJ for a couple days. If you're at the beach tanning your a** off have fun for me and know that I'm very jealous ! xx

Une tenue plutôt pratique sur le blog aujourd'hui. Je porte une chemise a carreaux Woolrich, ca fait longtemps que je l'ai dans mon placard mais je ne la porte pas souvent! Je suis enfin en vacances pour une semaine ! Pendant que tous mes amis vont bronzer en Floride moi je reste ici, mais bon j'ai rien a dire puisque l'année dernière je suis partie en Californie ! J'ai pleins de projets a vous montrer, mais ce sera pas tout de suite ! Des que j'ai fini je vous montre tout ca. J'ai quelques photos de mon travail sur instagram, si vous ne me suivez pas faites le :)
Photos by Alex Kuchta
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green bomber- vintage but similar here
moto jacket- Nasty Gal
boots- Dr Martens
checkered shirt- Woolrich but similar here
jeans- BDG
tee shirt- c/o Cashletes
leopard sunnies- c/o Zerouv
beanie- c/o DBDNS
knit scarf- handmade
backpack- c/o OYO Mountain
Monday, March 10, 2014


I've been waiting since december to wear this coat, it's been too cold so I wasn't able to wear. I'm planning to spam you guys with this coat ! #sorrynotsorry ! It's almost spring and I have so many things on my spring/summer wishlist. Would you guys like to see it ? I can write a post about it ! xx

Ca fait depuis les vacances de Noel que j'attends de porter ce manteau, maintenant qu'il fait plus chaud, je prévois de vous spamer avec pleins de photos ! Ca vous dirait que je vous fasse un article wishlist dans mon prochain post pour l'été ? J'ai tellement de choses en vu ! xx
Photos by Alex Kuchta
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coat- Topshop
leather jacket- Nasty Gal
tee shirt- c/o Mishka
jeans- BDG via UO
camo cap- c/o Motivation Boutique
shoes- TUK creepers
leopard sunnies- c/o zeroUV
gold chain- Topshop
Saturday, March 8, 2014

Pink is the new Pink

First day in a million with good weather, can't wait for more to come. Here's a nice and comfy outfit for an afternoon in the studio doing homework. I'm wearing my new sunnies by Zerouv and a patched denim skirt on sale at H&M ! xx

Premier jour depuis mille ans qu'il fait beau. J'ai vraiment hate pour plus de jour comme ca ! Voici une tenue assez décontractée pour un aprem devoir. Je porte mes lunettes Zerouv et une jupe patch de chez H&M en soldes pour 10$ ! 
Photos by Alex Kuchta
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pink coat- Topshop
denims skirt- H&M but similar here
velvet shirt- vintage but similar here 
sun glasses- c/o Zerouv
flower crown- c/o Beau XOXO
gold chain- Asos