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Thursday, March 27, 2014

A memory from my childhood.

Here are a few photos of my recent project for school, we had to make an outfit with 98% cotton. By focusing on myself for this project, I based my entire collection on my childhood experience. This memory is always colorful and happy in my mind and I still today refer to myself as an 8-year-old girl. By looking through some childhood pictures, I noticed that my clothes used to have a lot of patches on them. I decided to draw inspiration from patch working and quilting often used in children’s clothing for renforcement or simply for design. Patches evoke many things such as a kid falling over and tearing his clothes, boy scouts achieving something new, a band patch sewn on to a tee shirt or your favorite cartoon character on a patch. All these things represent key aspects of my childhood but also childhood that many people ca relate too. Using silhouette, concept, material and the techniques inherent in patch making I will explore the traits I posed as a child including: imagination, playfulness, anger, innocence, safety, happiness, stubbornness, loudness and the longing to be noticed.  This project is part of a competition, and I got selected to be part of the 9 finalists ! In 3 weeks, 3 students will be picked. 1st place gets, 5000$ and 10.000$ for your senior thesis, 2nd place gets 3000$ and 3rd place gets 2000$. I'm very nervous, this is the first time I get picked for something ! I'll let you guys know what happen's ! xx

Photos by Alex Kuchta
Coat, dress, flower crown and necklace are handmade, jeans are from BDG and shoes from Topshop.


  1. Je serais tellement contente pour toi que tu sois classée et que tu gagnes un prix ! Je t'envoie tout un tas de bonnes ondes, et je croise les doigts, c'est un beau projet et très personnel

  2. C'est vraiment génial! Quelle imagination, j'adore bravo! C'est plein de joie, et ça fait du bien!

  3. THIS IS SO AWESOME! You are so very talented and I absolutely adore this. I really hope you get picked, good luck! <3

  4. J'aime beaucoup ta robe que je trouve ultra pratique avec la poche devant ;)



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