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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A few thoughts.

This is sort of weird. I got this Nike shirt about a month ago at Salvation Army for $2. I've always wanted to go to Miami, thought this shirt would be fun to wear (because A, it's pink, and B, I've been dying to go.) Didn't realize something this horrible would happen a few weeks later. I've thought about not posting these photos, but there is no point on me doing that.  This might not be the right time to write and talk about fashion, but I've always told myself to keep on doing what I love. Hope this might bring a bit of joy to your day. I am sending all my hugs and kisses to everyone out there, wether you lost someone or just feel utterly depressed. Wishing everyone the best!

C'est bizarre de voir ces photos. J'ai trouvé ce tee shirt a 2$ il y a peut être un mois dans une fripe. Je me suis dis, "il est rose, parfait! Il me le faut!" "Orlando? J'ai toujours voulu y aller" Aujourd'hui, 3-4 semaines plus tard, je n'aurais jamais penser a voir ce genre d'horreur tombées (encore et encore). Je me suis posée des questions, devrais-je ne pas poster cet article? Mais je me redis toujours la même chose: je ne vais pas arrêter de vivre et plus faire ce que j'aime. J'adore la mode, j'adore documenter mon propre style. Alors je continue en espérant que j'apporte un peu le sourire. ON A LE DROIT D'AIMER QUI ON VEUT. L'AMOUR POUR TOUS!

 Photos and hair by Riley Norris
shop the look!
shirt- vintage similar here
skort- Topshop similar here
shoes- Asos
sunnies- Asos

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