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Sunday, June 19, 2016


This is probably the second time EVER that I'm wearing a bathing suit on the blog. I think the last time I posted an article like this was in Greece 2 years ago? (and I totally regretted it) But a couple days ago, I was talking to my friend Slanelle about this. She just recently posted an amazing article about it and you should definitely go read it! I've decided that I should be able to wear and show  whatever I want. SO HERE YOU HAVE IT. I got this perfect donut float from Asos and I can't wait to sit on it at the pool. Beware for more pictures to come!

Apres une longue discussion sur le corps des femmes avec ma copine Slanelle, j'ai décidé moi aussi de me mettre en maillot de bain sur le blog ! Parce qu'au final, on a le droit de porter ce que l'on veut, même si ca consiste en un maillot de bain ! Si vous n'avez pas encore vu son article sur "bien se sentir dans son corps" je vous conseille vivement d'aller y faire un tour. Au passage, j'ai choisi cette bouée donut de chez Asos, j'ai hate de faire des photos avec dans une vraie piscine !

Photos by Alex Kuchta
shop the look!
suit- Tictail
shoes- Melissa
sunnies- Asos
donut float- Asos


  1. OMG je veux cette bouée donut ! (et tes fesses <3)

  2. Trop coolos ce maillot !
    On s'en branle ouais, fesses à l'air un point c'est tout ♡

  3. You really just inspired me to wear a bathing suit on my blog! For some reason, I am so weird about it but I don't even know why lol Anyway I think you killed this and the fact that it is Beyonce inspired made it that much better. I love that you even added the cute donut floaty with these photos. I think you made a great decision by doing a bathing suit post so hopefully you don't regret it because you really look great!


Thank you ♡