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Friday, May 19, 2017

Femme as F*ck

A few photos of this outfit that I've been wearing a lot lately. All the clothes are from Tictail. The shirt honestly my favorite thing right now. I know I don't post enough but I'm getting very unmotivated, I feel like blogging nowadays is so overdone. I get pissed off when I hear how much people make off of working with huge brands and I don't want to be a "walking add". It's hard not to because we all have to make money somehow! But my purpose for blogging is mainly a documentation of my personal. I hope I manage to inspire people along the way! I try to push myself as much as possible :) Dressing for me is so important and I manage to reflect my personality through it. Hope you all can do the same! xx M
A big thanks to Joseph Crosthwaite for the awesome film pictures.
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moto jacket- Deadwood
shoes- Nike
choker- Chabaux