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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Funky Random Pictures.

Hey guys, sorry I didn't post anything.. I'm in the middle of my exams that happen next week. I'll be done on the 22nd and than.. PARTY TIME DOODES. I just don't have a life right know, i study from 10am to 7pm all day and my parents are guving me hell. So whatever. I went to my country house last week. It's like paradise. No one's there, I felt so free ! Nature is so beautiful. So here you go, an article with random photos ! :D Enjoy !

Salut les mecs, désolé j'ai rien posté depuis 10 jours.. maus bon quand on a le bac et des parents qui te saoulent parce qu'l veulent que tu te leve et que tu travailles jusqu'a 20h comme une machine. NON MERCI. Bref je suis allée a ma maison de campagne en Normandie la semaine derniere. C'est juste le Paradis.. tu te sens libre. La nature c'est juste la plus belle chose au monde. Sinon voici un article de tout et de rien ! Kiffez bien !

            A few pictures of my friends that I took in Normandie. Malaika, Charles, Charlene :)

 The sky looks like it's God coming down from Paradise... HAHA just kidding.

 Ok so last week we had our last day in school, and we get to dress up and party in school during one day. The costume theme was : HEROES. 
Bon alors la semaine derniere, on a eu la fête des terminales et on avait tous le droit de se deguiser. Le theme c'etait : HEROS. En haut ma pote Victoria en Fantastic 4.

 My friend Clara Victoria and Me dressed as FRENCH CANCAN DANCERS :)
 Flora as a Turttle Ninja and Victorine as.. of course LADY GAGA in telephone.
 My friend Chloe as Jack Sparrow in Pirates Of The Carribeans.
                     A bunch of girls dressed as "Baby Shreks"
 Hahahhaaha that is the secret of our costumes/ Le secret de notre costume héhéhé

 Solene and Alexandra: Cleopatre and Esmiralda         Melodie: WonderWoman

 Marion as a Barbie :) She was wearring Roller Blades but she took them off .. 


 I secretly tried on fake hair.. I sort of miss my long hair :( I would have them a bit shorter if I hadn't cut them last year haha. Mes cheveux longs me manquent un peu.. Je les aurait eu aussi long presque si je ne les avait pas coupé !

 What's Up with you Doods ? Tell me something cool about you ! Et vous alors ? Ca gaz ? Dites moi un trucs cool sur vous ca m'intéresse :) 
Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Beastie Boys ♬

Hey Doods ? I've been listenning to the Beastie Boys lately. Their new album is pretty awesome. I had a lame week, and it's gonna continue getting lame up until the 22nd of june, after my exams. I have no life because of all that work.. well.. after that IBIZA ! 8)

Salut des mecs ? Ca fait quelques semaines que j'ecoute les Beastie Boys. Leur nouvel album est juste trop coolos. Ma semaine était pourrie. Et je pense que ca va pas s'ameliorer. Fichue Bac de merde. Au moins apres le 22 juin y'a IBIZA non ? 8)

 I keep posting pictures of cat. But he's so cute hehe :D

 Ok so I got these 5 € cut shorts and decided that with this really cool fabric I had, I would DIY american flag shorts. Here's the result ! Its pretty cool :D

J'ai acheté des shorts Levis coupé a 5€ et j'ai decidé de coller se tissu que j'ai depuis longtemps. Voici mes shorts "American Flag" custemiser par moi même :D

                            TADAAAAAAAA :D
 Also bought this really cool silk blouse in a thrift shop called Hippy Market. If anybody is looking for cool vintage shops in Paris. You need to go there. Best shop ever (a bit more expensive then a usual one)

J'ai acheté une chemise en soie trop cool chez Hippy Market. Si quelqu'un cherche une fripe allez la bas c'est tellement stylé :D (un peu cher mais bon)

 Shorts: DIY Levis Blouse: Vintage from Hippy Market Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Bag: Zara Shades: Shop in Madrid