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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Should I Stay or Should I Go..

Tee Shirt Jimmy Hendrix

-Hello Again ! Still in Ibiza right now having a crappy day actually. My family is annoying but.. who's isn't right ? New York is getting real close, like less than a month. I'M SO EXCITED. I'm coming back on saturday after that I have my photo shoot ! I chose a "rock and roll" theme. ;)
-Toujours a Ibiza mais j'ai passé une mauvaise journée.. ma famille me tape un peu sur les nerfs mais bon.. comme tout le monde non ? Plus que un mois avant NYC je suis trop excitée ! Je reviens le 23 et apres ca j'ai ma séance photo, j'ai pris un theme "rock and roll" ;)

 -I figured how to use the manual mode on my Nikon.. it's so cool. 
-J'ai trouvé comment utilisé le mode manuel sur mon Nikon.. ca rend trop bien :D

 On the roof of our house in Ibiza near Santa Gertrudis :) Sur le toit de la maison !

 My cousin Morgane with her new marocain boots found in the Hippy Market at Las Dalias .

Saturday, July 16, 2011

"Donde estan los baños por favor ?"

 Ibiza Ibiza Ibiza... Life is like paradise. People are like hippies, everything is beautiful, the sea, the view, the food, the stuff. All I gotta say is.. Peace. I'm so tanned, I look like a Mexican dude, it's so cool.
I bought a few things (jewelry mainly). I went hippy market shopping this morning it was called Las Dalias. Muy Cool.

 My cousin Jonathan and my sister Vanessa.

 Vanessa's hair colour became green because of the pool. Funnnyyyyy
 Las Dalias special Namaste evening. 

 This bracelet was 15€. It's from Tibet and it's a Turquoise stone with silver.

 Old pics from Paris with my spanish friends. OS QUIERROOOO. This is Ana
 This is Mariaaaa

My grandma <3 Who's very sick.. she has cancer, and doesn't eat a lot anymore.
 My NEW ipod. My other one broke so the insurance gave me a new one. YAY.