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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

When They Fight, They Fight.

Hey Guys ! It's a rainy day.. and it's 1:OOam. I haven't read my 119 pages of my fashion text book for tomorrow and I'm still awake. But IT'S FUN ! I love my work, my friends, my school and my teachers. I love it here.. people are awesome. Anyway, These are a few pictures from last week ! I made a lot of sketches on my notebook, I have to scan them and show you guys ! How's France anybody ?
 This bracelet was made by Mika Altskan (he was probably drunk :p) It's cool I like it.

 I bought this shirt at Urban Outfitters and got myself a third earing on my ear.

 Hannah, Barbara and Me.
 We had a skating day it was fun.

 I'm sorta loosin' it hahaha.

Stay rollin' what ever I see ! Watch this is so fun to see. Despicable Me ! See you next week :D
Thursday, September 1, 2011

Soho, Noho.. New York ?

 Week 2: Classes started ! I got textiles, english and Fashion History. All of them were great ! The teachers are so different from France, people are so nice and warm and really want you to succeed. What a change, I mean really. I'm so happy. It's gonna be hard though ! HELLO HOMEWORK ! Anyway these pictures are from my last outing in Soho with my friends (that i love so much already). Now I'm focusing on my classes.. so I'll see you all laterzz !
 A bunch of people being stupid in a lounge during a Saturday Afternoon..

Barbie & Hannah.. and Cody ;)

 Zack looking groovy.. !

 Subway going to Soho on the F train.
 Cody and Me holding hands in the "Coco and Mimi style".
 Baily looking FAB !

 I miss Beer. Like for real, I can't even go to my fridge and get a effin' beer. SHIT DUDES !

 My new key protector !
 Cody, Me, Jd and Ryan

 Me and My new SWAG hat. I lerve it hehehehe.

I'll see you guys in a few days to tell you how my first week went ! Loves and Kisses !