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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Crash Into Me.

 November 15th already. I can't believe it, I'm almost done with my first semester and I leave for Paris un 5 weeks. 35 days and I'm back in FRANCE ! (Can't wait). Anyway, yesterday Derek and I went to Fort Green's Park down near our school and I took some really awesome pictures of him. He is so photogenic ! He needs some because he wants to model so he needs good pictures. He took a few of me too ! It's thanksgiving in a week I can't wait oh my ! I've been watching Sex and The City lately it makes me feel so happy living in New York. How is Paris or where ever you come from ?! It's not even cold here yet. Still waiting for the snow !
HE'S BLOG. Derek Johnson.

 Carolyn and Me LEAF FIGHT !






, in JEANS
En gros pour clarifier. Ces photos ont été prises dans un park pres de mon ecole. Derek et moi sommes allés pour prendre des photos, il veut faire du mannequinat et il avait besoin de photos et voila le travail ;) Il a pris quelques photos de moi c'etait super beau avec les feuilles par terre. J'aime beaucoup l'automne. Bref sinon c'est bientôt Thanksgiving et j'ai hate ! Il fait meme pas encore froid, je veux de la neige ! Et vous ca va ? Pleins de zoub zoub !
Sunday, November 13, 2011

My fashion Video.

My friend made this video of me last thursday. It was inspired by the Prada add.
Friday, November 11, 2011

Ratatat MIRANDO.

 Yesterday my friend Derek wanted to do a photo shoot because he got these really cool studio lights. It was awesome he did 2 different shoots. One with my normal cloths and a white background and the second one was in a workroom with really cool fabric that i put on the wall. These pictures are truly beautiful. Derek is so talented. I finished my first film roll ! I'm going to develop it and i'll probably scan the pictures to put them on my blog and on my facebook page. I hope all of you guys are good. Feel free to tell me something about yourself :)
 I partied a little too much that night .. I think I remember this pictures but I was very drunk :p

 I am wearing an H&M dress from last winter, some vintage shades found on the streets, a green suede green jacket bought at the salvation army on 9th Av and my Lita's Jeffrey Campbell.
 This outfit here is a simple silk shirt bought at Beacon's Closet in Williamsburg in Brooklyn and some black leggings.

 Oh and I'm also wearing my friend's Asos Hat.

 Hier mon ami Derek voulait faire un photo shoot parce qu'il avait loué des lumières de studio. On a fait deux shoots different. Un avec moi simplement habillé devant un mur blanc, et le deuxième un peu plus foufou avec un tissu que j'ai trouvé a Paris et des vêtements un peu plus funky. On passé deux heures a prendre des photos et meme un film que je posterais des qu'il aura fini de l'éditer. C'était vraiment un des meilleurs shoots. Derek est un super bon photographe je l'aime trop <3
This is Derek, I wish he had a blog his pictures are beautiful. This was the best photo shoot ever. It was so fun :)
Saturday, November 5, 2011

No Sleep 'Till Brooklyn.

 This week was very hard. I lost my grandmother last sunday. I will miss her a lot she was very close and I loved her very much <3 I tried to get on with my life, it's hard. I've never lost someone before in my family so this is a weird feeling. I went with my two beautiful friends Derek and Zack to Central Park to walk around and take pictures. Derek is the one that took the pictures of us. He is wonderful I love him. Oh and I got a hair cut. I needed a change and I gotz it !

 Zack and Derek <3

 This was actually my picture :p

 Derek eating crepes for the first time.

 Hair cut week !

 Grandma < 3 I love you.

 Pour traduire en français parce que je sais que y'a pas mal de français aussi qui viennent (désolé je suis flemmarde je traduis plus trop hihihi) Bref cette semaine a été plutôt dure.. j'ai perdu ma grand mere on était tres proches. Ca a été un peu difficile mais bon.. y'a rien a faire j'essaie de continuer a vivre en pensant fort a elle. Je suis allée a Central Park avec mes deux amis merveilleux Zack et Derek (qui est le photographe). Je me suis coupée les cheveux aussi :) J'espere que ca se passe pour vous !