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Thursday, October 10, 2013


These are pictures that were taken during the summer when I went back to Paris. The first 4 were taken by Cindy Lee, you might know her work (because it's amazing!). She loves portraits and very dramatic backgrounds. I really enjoyed working with her, she's so good at what she does and I hope there will be more pictures to come this winter when I go back ! Please check out her blog and facebook page (instagram too !)

The other 4 pictures were taken by one of my very talented friends Derek Johnson, he's an incredible photographer. He's from New York but came to visit Paris so it was a great opportunity to see him and be his model ! These photos are all colored film. Please check out his tumblr here and here.
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nasty gal moto jacket

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Skool Suks

A few weeks ago, Wasted sent me a huge package with a bunch of shirts. This is probably my favorite one. They're based in Paris and have super ironic shirts. This is probably going to be the last post with me wearing shorts ! It's fall and I love it. Layers and layers of cloths is probably the best thing ever. You get to wear more clothes from your closet ! I also started watching Mad Men and I have to say it's pretty good. Ant Mad Men fans ? 
Let's also talk about Alex's outfit. As I said a few weeks ago, I started sharing pictures of my boyfriend's outfits. I've always loved menswear because it's all about the details and the little things. Alex's details always go to the accessories such as the belt and wallet that were sent to him by One Star Leather Goods. Amazing hand crafted leather goods made in USA. Both of these items are beautifully made (my favorite is the wallet!) A huge thank you ! Please check out their etsy shop, who knows maybe you need a present for your boyfriend !

Il y'a quelques semaines, j'ai reçu un paquet de chez Wasted (une boutique parisienne). Je dois dire que leurs tee shirts me font toujours rire. Le tee shirt que je porte est celui que je préfère (encore plus drôle si tu le portes a la fac!) L'automne arrive a grand pas donc ça va probablement être la dernière fois que vous me voyer en short ! A moi les manteaux de fourrures et les gros pulls ! J'ai récemment commencée Mad Men et je dois vous avouer que je suis devenue accro! Suis-je la seul(e) ?
Je veux aussi vite fait vous parler de la tenue d'Alex. Comme je vous l'avez dis il y'a quelques mois, j'adore la mode pour homme. C'est tout sur le détail et les petites choses. Ici, il porte une ceinture et un porte-feuille qui viennent de One Star Leather Goods, une etsy shop basé en Californie. Si jamais vous cherchez un cadeau pour votre homme aller faire un tour !
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shirt- Wasted
jean shorts- vintage but similar here 
eye ball cap- Mishka
harness- Topshop but similar here
cat eye sunnies- American Deadstock
gold chain- Asos
leather backpack- vintage but similar here
stripe shirt- c/o Jungmaven
jeans- April 77
socks- c/o Socklady
sneakers- Vans
belt and wallet- c/o One Star Leather Goods

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Army Pants

You guys probably guessed it already, I love camouflage pants. I got mine last year at Zara and have been wearing them ever since (I wore them so much last year that someone told me my blog was getting boring!) Any kind of army/cargo/camo pants are my obsession. A great example of cargo pants done right this season are Whillas and Gunn's Alpha Cargo Pants. From the bottom tapering and snap closures to the deep flannel lined pockets, the pants are one of a kind. Their Trap Duffel bag, which I am styling, also has an equal amount of beautiful features. Its leather accents, stripped twill lining and canvas handles that run along the body of the bag make this bag a truely desirable piece. Whillas and Gunn's is an Austrailian clothing company that draws inspiration from the Austrailian outback and Aviation, which creates a very unique, tailored but rugged feel in their clothing. I decided to contrast this aesthetic with the best find of the year, a 100% white wool coat made in USA found at the Salvation Army store for 2.99. I cannot wait until it is cold to be able to wear this. Hope you guys enjoy this army pants vs all white post ! Please go visit Whillas and Gunn and also don't forget you can shop my closet here ! xx

Comme vous l'avez deviné, les pantalons militaires ..c'est ma vie. Que ce soit camouflage, militaire ou cargo, j'aime tout. Donc quand Alex a contacté Whillas and Gunn et a reçu ces magnifiques pantalons, on va dire que j'étais un peu jalouse! Ils sont absolument parfait. Ils nous ont également envoyé ce sac que j'ai associé avec mon manteau en laine trouvé dans une fripe pour 2,99$. J'ai tellement hâte qu'il fasse froid pour que je puisse porter mes manteaux et mes grosses bottes ! Oubliez pas d'aller faire un tour sur mon vide dressing et bien sur de cliquer ici pour voir le e-shop de Whillas and Gunn ! xx
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white wool coat- vintage but similar here
camo jeans- Zara but similar here
bag- c/o Whillas and Gunn
white sweatshirt- Zara but similar here
white beanie- American Apparel
white round sunnies-vintage but similar here
cargo pants- c/o Whillas and Gunn
sneakers- Vans
socks- c/o Socklady
shirt- vintage

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Brooklyn is the best place to take pictures for the blog. Every street is different, every corner has different tags. One of the coolest place to shoot is in Bushwick. These pictures were taken by Marc Meeuwissen, (he's the one that made that super awesome video !) He's planning on doing a lot more videos and pictures so that's gonna be fun ! My friend Cassandra always helps us out and picks out cool spots, this spot was amazing because of all the tags behind (goes well with the outfit I'm wearing.) I'm wearing my favorite tee shirt of the moment sent to me by MISHKA. It just has all my favorite colors in it and of course a huge eye ball ! I ordered the purple vinyl skirt this summer on Nasty Gal, they had a huge sale and this was my number one crush. xx

Brooklyn est l'endroit révé pour shooter les photos du blog. Toutes les rues sont différentes, ainsi que tout les tags. Aujourd'hui c'est dans le quartier de Bushwick que nous avons pris les photos. Marc Meeuwissen (qui a fait la superbe vidéo de moi il y'a un mois!) a pris les photos. Il prévoit de faire plusieurs video et shooting pour le blog, j'ai hâte ! Je porte mon tee shirt favori du moment qui m'a été offert par MISHKA. J'ai décidé de le porter avec ma jupe en vinyl de chez Nasty Gal que j'ai commandé cet été (en soldes!) xx
Pictures by the talented Marc Meeuwissen
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eye ball shirt- c/o MISHKA
metal skirt- Nasty Gal
neon pink bag- Baggu
white beanie- American Apparel
O' Malley sunnies- c/o American Deadstock
gold chain- Asos

Monday, September 23, 2013

Freaking Out The Neighborhood

A few weeks ago, I found this awesome cap at beacon's closet (seen here). I checked out the brand and sent them an email to collaborate with my blog. This week end I received a huge package with so many cool things including this amazing tee shirt (totally in love with it). Please check out their store at MISHKANYC.COM. If you are in Brooklyn you should definitively pass by their store ! I'm also wearing a tropical cap sent to me by Manhattan Project (goes well with my green tinted hair no ?) Alex is rockin' a RockWell sweatshirt and Red Cloud Collective belt that was sent to us (Beautiful Hand Made leather goods in USA !) He's also riding his new Single bikes, a bike store based in Canada that allows you to customize the colors. I wanted to let you know that I just finished updating my online store ! You can now shop my closet HERE ! xx

Il y'a quelques semaines, j'ai découvert la marque MISHKA en trouvant une de leurs casquette dans une fripe. J'ai décidé de les contacter pour une collaboration. J'ai reçu un énorme paquet ce week end avec pleins de choses, ainsi que ce tee shirt (dont je suis follement amoureuse.) Pour leur voir boutique c'est ICI !
Alex porte un sweat RockWell et une ceinture Red Cloud Collective (tous leurs produits sont fabriqués aux Us.) En ce qui concerne le superbe vélo blanc, il provient du Canada. Single Bikes vous permet de customiser les couleurs de votre vélo! J'ai aussi créer un vide dressing (enfin!) Donc cliquez ICI pour voir ! xx
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leopard bomber jacket- Vintage but similar here
tee shirt- c/o MISHKA
jeans- c/o Gypsy Warrior
O'Malley sunnies- c/o American Deadstock
studded sneakers- HOMG Jeffrey Campbell
gold chain- Asos
neon pink bag- Baggu
pink lipstick- MAC
sweatshirt- c/o Rockwell by Parra
jeans- April 77
black belt- c/o Red Cloud Collective
white bicycle- Single Bikes