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Thursday, August 10, 2017

August 6th

Improvised photo shoot with my girl Riley. I've been wanting these sunnies for so so long and I found them on for waaaaay cheaper. If you've been wanting them, go check them out. They delivered them in less than 48 hours! I N S A N E. The necklace I'm wearing was gifted to me by Chabaux. She makes jewelry in Paris and it's probably the coolest necklace I own as of now! 
 Photos by Riley Norris
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skirt: vintage
shirt: AA
necklace: Chabaux
Tuesday, June 27, 2017

We Will Rock You

Did a couple photos with Michael last week end, he likes shooting film. It's always a different process when you shoot film. Time is more precious and photos are more valuable since you can't erase and redo! Dressing myself has been such an experience, seeing my taste evolve and change. One thing I have done and redone is mix girly and "tough" together. I've always done it. This outfit for example, I have a really girly/school girl skirt mixed with these tough looking boxing shoes. Maybe it has to do with showing those two sides of myself?

 Photos by Michael Mainenti
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skirt- vintage
top- vintage
shoes- Title Boxing
sunnies- zeroUV
lipstick- Pumpkin by Limecrime
Friday, May 19, 2017

Femme as F*ck

A few photos of this outfit that I've been wearing a lot lately. All the clothes are from Tictail. The shirt honestly my favorite thing right now. I know I don't post enough but I'm getting very unmotivated, I feel like blogging nowadays is so overdone. I get pissed off when I hear how much people make off of working with huge brands and I don't want to be a "walking add". It's hard not to because we all have to make money somehow! But my purpose for blogging is mainly a documentation of my personal. I hope I manage to inspire people along the way! I try to push myself as much as possible :) Dressing for me is so important and I manage to reflect my personality through it. Hope you all can do the same! xx M
A big thanks to Joseph Crosthwaite for the awesome film pictures.
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moto jacket- Deadwood
shoes- Nike
choker- Chabaux
Thursday, April 6, 2017


I've been feeling very weird lately. I'm realizing as I get older how hard it is to be a woman on our planet. We're often used, set aside, underestimated, sexualized AMONG A MILLION OTHER THINGS. I'm so tired of having to defend myself. People should respect me without having to be told they should. Harry Belafonte said it himself "Men Smart... Women Smarter." For that purpose, this shirt is a good way to start. These photos were taken in Bushwick with my girl Slanelle. (that's also her shirt btw.)

Ca fait quelques jours que je me sens un peu bizarre. Chaque jour, je me rends compte a quelle point c'est dur d'être un femme sur notre planète. On est souvent sous estimée, mise de coté, victimisée, sexualisée... Bref. J'en ai marre de devoir me defendre, montrer que je dois être respectée comme tout le monde. Cet article est donc dédié a toutes les girls, WORK IT AND AND OWN IT!  Photos by Slanelle.

Photos by Slanelle
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shirt - Monki
jeans - BDG
shoes - Current Mood Clothing via Dollskill
jacket - Schott NYC similar here
coat - Asos
sunnies - zeroUV
bag - Kenzo
Monday, February 27, 2017

Part III

 Part III of my shoot with Lyloutte. I'm wearing this cute denim look from UO. Got it on sale a couple months ago and had to wear it with my Nikes. I'm so excited, I'm going to Turks and Caicos on Thursday, please follow me on instagram @letsgetflashy it's gonna be pretty amazing! 

3e et dernière partie du shoot avec Lyloutte. Je porte une tenue en denim de chez UO. Je porte bien évidemment mes petites Nikes roses pour completer le tout. N'oubliez pas de me suivre sur instagram @letsgetflashy. Je pars aux Caraîbes Jeudi, ca va etre vraiment magique!

Photos by Lyloutte 
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jeans - UO
denim jacket - UO
sneakers - Nike
fur coat - Asos
socks - Asos